Ajax Cart can be integrated to your existing or new HTML, PHP Website with no pain of BIG CODES.Just Copy and Paste Method. Add Products in Admin Panel. Generate code and Paste code to site where you want "Buy Now" Button to Include.
  1. Add Remove Products.
  2. Can Add Remove Product options.
  3. Orders are stored.
  4. Create Invoices.
  5. Multiple Admins.
  6. 2 type of Admin Access. (Admin / Worker).
  7. Much More.


  1. Please Backup Your Previous Installation (if any) 
  2. Installation is very easy Unzip the zip file you have downloaded from to a local folder on your computer. The "ajax-cart-6" folder of package contains the main files:
  3. Now upload the contents of the upload folder to web host using ftp program.
  4. Now open browser and go address of your website "/install.php". e.g. ""
  5. Enter Details and press "Install Now"

  6. After a successfull installation you will see following screen.

  7. Now delete "/install.php"

You Have to Configure Your Payment Gateways. Open symbiotic/gateways.php.

Add or Remove Gateways accoring to your need. You can add any other gateway of your choice. Just Remove Line of Payment gateway to remove a Gateway.( eg: to remove PayPal Remove code from line4-7.) 
If you want to integrate any other gateway you can contact us. 
To Edit gateway settings. Change Lines shown in Image.

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